The benefits of drinking coffee


Ahh, is there anything better than a hot mug of coffee first thing on a Monday morning? At Spa Vending we love to start the day with an aromatic cup of our favorite caffeinated beverage, and we know that our customers feel the same. Not only is coffee a firm favorite, but it also has many health benefits. As coffee experts (ok, addicts), we know a thing or two about the benefits, so here is our little guide to coffee. Have you ever wondered why coffee is such a great pick-me-up? Well coffee increases your alertness due to the caffeine affecting the hormone levels in your brain. If you make sure you drink coffee at the right time, you can increase your energy level to last throughout the day.

The best and worst vending machine snacks


When hunger strikes, a vending machine is a convenient and cheap way of purchasing a snack on the go. But when you look at the snack options offered in the vending machine, what kind of snack should you go for? Should you treat yourself or are you trying to eat more healthily? Lets take a look at some of the best and worst snack foods available in most vending machines to help you make a decision. If you are buying a snack to get you through until your next mealtime, you need to choose something that will make you feel full. Light pastry based snacks, therefore, are probably not your best choice as they will satisfy you for a short time, and then leave you feeling hungry again.

Keep your employees happy with a vending machine


A business full of happy employees is a productive and successful company. But how can you ensure your employees are happy and that you are meeting their needs? Though large companies may use incentives, rewards and bonuses to keep their employees feeling positive, some smaller companies prefer the more traditional approach by having a break room that offers convenient and low cost refreshments just a short walk from their employees desks. The working day (and week!) is a long one, and your employees will need to keep themselves hydrated and full of energy if they are to do their best work.