Here at Hotcafeplus we supply, install and maintain a huge range of coffee vending machines, such as Excella coffee vending machine, Minifresh 3300 coffee vending machine, Minifresh 4400 Coffee vending machine, Minifresh 5400 coffee vending machine, Lione XS coffee vending machine, MIDIA XN, coffee vending machine, Venezia coffee vending machine, Cino coffee vending machine and more. All of which have been specifically designed for use in office environments. Whether you run a large business or employ a handful of staff, we have the perfect office vending machine for you. Our dedicated team of specialists will tailor a solution to reflect your individual needs. Our office vending services are completely flexible and dependent on your requirements and expected machine usage. We offer a fully managed service and also provide a regular valet service and technical service, depending on what best suits your business. Our office vending machines are also available on hire contracts, ideal for customers who want the benefits of a vending machine without the initial cost outlay. Our fully managed service specifically designed to take all the hassle away from you – and leave you to get on with the running of your business – our full vending service includes regular cleaning, stocking and maintenance.

As far as our quality of products concerned we work under stringent quality measures which are enough to ensure that final product in your hands must be enriched with purity, reliability and durability. Our trained professionals look after the machinery using during the manufacturing process. We promise to provide you our products in time bounded deliveries. Our team is highly efficient and capable to handle all the queries of our clients effectively. We are customer oriented organization. Our professional, manufacturer trained staff can visit your commercial environment from once a week to twice a day and visits are dependent on each customers individual needs and machine usage. Additionally, as our operators will bring stock with them, you will never have the responsibility of re-ordering stock or holding it onsite.

Hotcafeplus has been committed to providing the best services in Coffee vending Industry such as: